Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs)

Specialist Courses for AMHPs

These courses incorporate statutory duties and powers where relevant. The focus is on a specific area of practice. These courses can complement a legal update; some can be amended to suit a wider audience.

  • AMHP Work with People with Learning Disabilities

Where learning disability fits within the definitions in the Mental Health Act, the relevance of the Mental Capacity Act in practice, including the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.  Provides a refresher on the skills AMHPs need when working with people with learning disabilities.

  • Children, Young People and the Law

Examining some key legal, medical and practice issues concerning the assessment, management and treatment of young people with complex mental health needs. Trainers include a psychiatrist and a legal trainer specialising in child and adolescent mental health.

  • Court Skills for AMHPs and other Mental Health Professionals

Looking in detail at the Mental Health Tribunal and the County Court.  The course can also be run at an introductory level focussing on just the Mental Health Tribunal. It is taught by two trainers with experience of working for the First Tier Tribunal (Mental Health) and includes role play.

  • Diversity, Equality and Cultural Awareness

Exploring issues of communication, personal values and cultural factors, service user participation and the impact of exclusion.

  • Hoarding and Unsanitary Conditions

Examining the statutory provisions, including environmental health powers, that could be helpful in dealing with this complex area.  Considering the limitations of the provisions.  Examining some key issues from inquiries.

  • Multi-disciplinary Legal and Practice Training for AMHPs and other Professionals

Considering the role of police, ambulance, medics, AMHPs and LSSA solicitors in the context of Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act work.  Exploring roles, duties, powers and practice issues.

  • Parental Mental Illness- the Impact on Children

Considering the protection of vulnerable children when assessing and working with parents with mental illness, child protection procedures, the implications of managing risks within current organisational structures.

  • Perinatal Mental Health and the role of the AMHP

Developing greater knowledge of mental disorders in the antenatal and postnatal period and a better understanding of risk in the perinatal period for the mother, infant and family.

  • Perinatal Mental Health and the Mental Health Act for AMHPs


  • Report Writing to Withstand Legal Challenge for AMHPs

A course designed to ensure AMHP reports are robust and sufficiently detailed to withstand scrutiny.

  • Risk Assessment and Management in AMHP Work

A review of the legal and policy aspects of risk in mental health work, common methodologies, research on self harm, suicide, violence and substance misuse. An overview of inquiry findings. The role of the AMHP in assessing and managing risk.

  • Supporting AMHPs in Practice

Looking at supervision and support, stress and burnout.  Considering relevant research, good practice and recommendations.

  • The role of the AMHP in Assessing Older Adults

A review of the use of Mental Health Act in work with older adults, relevance of the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, key factors during assessments; the impact of physical health; common presentations in older adults, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Trainers include an AMHP and a consultant psychiatrist with experience in older age psychiatry.

  • Working with People with Personality Disorder as an AMHP

Knowledge and understanding of personality disorder as a diagnosis, evidence based interventions and research, the place of the Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act and the role of the AMHP in making decisions. A better understanding of potential transference issues arising in AMHP work.