Edge offers an effective and focused supervision service. We provide this to a variety of organisations and individuals including government bodies, NHS Trusts, local authorities, charities, AMHPs, Social Supervisors, Lead AMHPs and BIAs. Supervision can be delivered to individual professionals or groups on a number of specialist areas of mental health, mental capacity and child law.

The service we provide is in addition to line management supervision and offers the opportunity to focus on legal and practice matters in a reflective environment.
Examples of previous work include:

  • Personal supervision on a regular basis for a social supervisor on all aspects of the law and practice in relation to conditionally discharged patients.
  • Group and individual supervision for a team of AMHPs/BIAs focusing on mental capacity and mental health law and practice.
  • Personal supervision for a lead mental health social worker developing mental health law and practice outside England and Wales but within the United Kingdom.

Supervision is always provided by an experienced member of the Edge team via regular meetings, telephone, email or Skype.


BIA Supervision Group Event- 25th April, London.

This independent BIA supervision group will be led by Javeda Jafri, a highly experienced BIA and former DoLS/MCA lead with experience of supervision of BIAs. Javeda is currently an independent BIA, lectures on the University of Hertfordshire BIA qualification course and delivers training on the MCA and DoLS with Edge. 

The supervision session lasts for two hours with a maximum of ten participants.

Cost:  £69 plus VAT and booking fee per participant.

Bookings: Directly on Eventbrite using debit/credit card or Paypal. 

Queries by email to:


A testimonial on our supervision services:

"I am an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) and Best Interest Assessor (BIA) in the Cornwall DoLS Team. Rob has been my mental health supervisor for approximately four years. As I have no other direct mental health supervision his input has been invaluable to myself and my colleagues in the DoLS team, particularly during all the recent changes relating the changes in the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) case law.

Rob’s greatest strengths lie in his depth of knowledge of the Mental Health Act, the Mental Capacity Act/DoLS legislation, as well as all associated issues relating to the Human Rights Act. He is always up-to-date with recent case law and changes in relevant legislation. His group supervision sessions are lively and engaging with all materials promptly provided via email. His 1:1 supervision sessions provide me with the opportunity to reflect on case work and receive guidance on any complicated aspect of MHA or DoLS assessments I have been involved with. His guidance is clear and he is always positive and encouraging.

I consider that the most valuable aspect of being supervised by Rob is his availability. Rob has always expressed his willingness to be contacted at any time by phone or email. On one occasion he answered a text when en route to New Zealand! This sums up his willingness to ensure that I, and my colleagues, benefit from his many years’ experience and expertise in the field of mental health. His availability and accessibility mean that I/we continue to be well-informed and kept up-to-date with current legislation and therefore properly equipped to effectively carry out the role of AMHP/BIA in Cornwall."