Javeda Jafri

Aasya MughalJaveda is an experienced social worker. She was lead practitioner for implementation of the MCA across health and social care in Hertfordshire and had a lead role in establishing their Supervisory Body. Javeda has been active in setting up and facilitating regular supervision and Practice Forums for BIAs. She has a particular interest in DoLS cases where there are Safeguarding or Article 8 ECHR issues.

Javeda is a practicing freelance BIA, a social work practice educator and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire. Previously, she was a Reviewer and Endorser of BIA training courses with The College of Social Work. Javeda has been delivering MCA training since 2007 and DoLS training since 2009.






What people say about Javeda:

“Upbeat, clear, logical - a wealth of information that was easy to understand”

“Clear and simple - helped me understand how MCA applies in my role as HCA”
“Excellent use of clinical scenarios”
“Clarity of information, explaining complex practice issues in simple, pragmatic way”