Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs)

Legal Updates for AMHPs

The Mental Health (Approved Mental Health Professionals) (Approval) ( England) Regulations 2008 require that in each year that the AMHP is approved, they shall complete at least 18 hours of training per year agreed with the approving authority as being relevant to their role as AMHPs. There is a similar requirement in Wales.

All include up to date case law, relevant research and policy. The following are sessional courses:

  • Aftercare 

An update on Section 117 aftercare and issues of residency, including relevant case law.

  • AMHP Masterclass

Looking at the role, tasks and duties of the AMHP in detail, with opportunities for discussion of issues in practice.

  • Back to Basics

Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Mental Health Act revisited.

  • Beds, Conveying and the role of the AMHP

Focussing on the issue of bed availability, Section 6, conveying, Section 137 and Section 13 Mental Health Act.

  • Case Law Update

A general update on case law relevant to AMHP practice.

  • Community Treatment Orders

Section 17A and the role of the AMHP, including relevant research and policy.

  • Consent to Treatment

Part 4 and 4A Mental Health Act.  Treatments on admission to hospital, community provisions and safeguards.

  • Guardianship

Section 7 Mental Health Act. AMHP duties and the powers and effect of guardianship, including relevant case law.

  • Human Rights

The impact on AMHP practice of the Human Rights Act which incorporates the European Convention on Protection of Human Rights and fundamental Freedoms into domestic law. A review of most relevant Articles and associated case law.

  • Improving AMHP Reports to Withstand Scrutiny and Legal Challenge 

Understanding requirements in law and guidance for AMHP recording; understanding legal challenge; and improving recording in relation to mental capacity, Nearest Relative and CTOs. Reflection and scrutiny of AMHP’s own reports.

  • Part III

A refresher on the Mental Health Act as it applies to mentally disordered offenders.

  • Section 135

Relevant powers, duties of the AMHP, current practice, police guidance and human rights.

  • Section 136

Police guidance, practice issues including mental capacity, AMHP duties and human rights.

  • Section 139 Mental Health Act

Protection and limitations, a review of Section 139 and relevant case law.

  • Social Supervisors

Advanced workshops for professionals who are experienced Social Supervisors.

  • Statutory Papers

A review of Section 15 Mental Health Act and rectification of papers, including guidance and practice.

  • The MCA & MHA interface for AMHPs

The interface between the statutory provisions including the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, with a focus on AMHP work.

  • The Role of the AMHP

Refresher on the statutory duties and powers of the AMHP in Section 13 Mental Health Act.

  • The Role of the Social Supervisor

Ministry of Justice guidance, relevant case law and the role of the Social Supervisor.

  • The Nearest Relative

Refresher on consulting and informing the nearest relative including Sections 11(3), (4), 26 and 29 Mental Health Act, Code of Practice guidance and regulations for delegating, as well as recent case law.

  • The Code of Practice

A review of the Code of Practice to the Mental Health Act, its status and reference to relevant case law.